Charles Burnand London

The Vintage Patisserie meets Made in Chelsea

Things just kept on coming in December following Shoreditch House, firstly with the wonderful Angel Adoree multi-tasking a cocktail party and a book signing in the store in celebration of her new book and as a thank you to our loyal customers who have made 2011 a great second year.

Out of the blue we were contacted by the Evening Standard who were planning a piece for their midweek magazine, featuring Cheska from the popular C4 show Made in Chelsea. After a disaster of trying to find suitable locations to rent to create “Cheska’s dream Christmas” we gave up looking and came much closer to home. Anyone with a beady eye and insider knowledge of Charles Burnand will be able to work it out!
Despite this festive hoo haa, with kind prop loan from Talisman (, Jonathan Adler ( and Ariella Couture ( I think we pulled it off. Don’t take our word for it, check out these photos below. To see the finished article, look at our press page.



To round off the year we stumbled upon the Halcyon Gallery ( on Bond Street who had just opened their Dale Chihuly exhibition – running until April. No two dimensional image can do justice to these amazing pieces and it goes to show how important lighting is to making something even more beautiful. Check out their website to drool, or just look at my less professional photo below (