Charles Burnand London


After two years in the planning, meticulously lining up BA airmiles, corporate holiday booking requirements (don’t ask!) and creating a “more-activities-than-time-can-posisbly-allow” itinerary we finally flew off to Melbourne for our four-week holiday.

Not wanting to bore anyone into jealousy, I can only sum up the trip in two words – food and nature. Oh – and a HUGE thank you to Tina for being the most fabulous host for the Melbourne bit. Complete relaxation for the first week was required and provided for in abundance!

Answers on a postcard if you can guess what or where any of these photos were taken (there are no prizes though!)

IMG_0186 IMG_0224 IMG_0234 IMG_0291 IMG_0387 IMG_0416 IMG_4909 IMG_4972 IMG_5065 IMG_5095 IMG_5176 IMG_5185 IMG_5209