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A French Adventure

Here’s an O level maths question for you:

If D<14 and {Q7 + autoroute (peage x gazole)} < (easyjet + [D x europcar]), then is it cheaper to fly or drive?

OK, a vey poor attempt at a maths question, particularly as I didn’t do O levels (a clue to mon age peut-etre?) and we all know how easy exams get every year (!) however if you do your budgeting, taking a Q7 for 2 weeks (D<14) to France, and ultimately Italy, is cheaper than flying and hiring a car, particularly over the school holidays. Darn those children.

As you can see above, there is also a dusting off of some school French above, obviously perfected through a week’s immersion in deepest Provence. Strange irony bearing in mind the time spent with our English hosts in an Irish vineyard.

DSCN0394 DSCN0425

IMG_1610 IMG_1616


Mid-way between Orange and Aix-en-Provence lies a beautiful vineyard with “no-expense’spared” sculptures dotted around the grounds. Aside from these, the wine isn’t too bad either – that’s just as well as the owners will be needing to make some serious profit to pay for the installations!
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IMG_1624 DSCN0427

Our dear hosts who have been on/off residents in France over the last 20 years can’t help but keep building and adding on to their exquisite little piece of Provençal splendour. Who would know that their cottage is just out of its teenage years and not turn-of-the-century (which ever century that would be…)