Charles Burnand London

Maison & Objet

Like with parents running their lives via school holidays, at Charles Burnand our internal clocks are governed (in part) by trade shows, european auctions and global design weeks. September is probably the busiest month for design – summer’s “over”; children are back at school; we are on the countdown to Christmas and there is a mad panic to get our houses ready for the festive season. Layer on top London design week and four trade events and we hardly have time to breathe.

Smack bang in the middle of September is “Maison & Objet” – one of the biggest global trade fairs for all things interior. Whilst we go every year, we cycle our love and loathing for the event – annoyance that everyone in Paris puts up the price of everything for the 4 days of the show; the worst food from the country with probably the longest gastronomic history……did I mention the show?

Likewise, “Maison” (to those in the trade) has been quite lack lustre in recent times. It is most definitely the one-stop-shop for the lazy interior designer/retailer and it is very easy to go into the big booths and order your very own ready-made interior – indeed several companies excel at pandering to this apathy.

Fortunately, the organisers this year have shaken things up a bit. Halls we have poo-pooed (correct spelling?) in recent times we ventured into and were pleasantly surprised. A few little teasers, some which are coming our way, some (sadly) not.