Charles Burnand London

Skinny Champagne

“Never say no to bubbles” is the best catchphrase we’ve heard in a long time and one which we at Charles Burnand fully endorse. In a world where “everything” would now seem to be bad for you, a little luxury and opulence should be mandatory. After all, that is what our brand is all about.

How exciting then that, through our visits to Italy, we are introduced to the newbie in the wine world that is Thomson & Scott. Founded by journalist-turned-wine aficionado Amanda Thomson, her brand is in the process of launching a new champagne to the UK that not only tastes fabulous but is better for you. Amanda’s latest find – “Alexandre Penet Brut Nature Cuvée Grand Cru” is a delicious blend of pinot noir and chardonnay which has been four years in making and exclusive to Thomson & Scott.

No one can dispute the positive benefits champagne brings to your lives and a little daily dosage does wonder for the constitution – as an unqualified nutritionist with zero knowledge of human physiology I can only make my claims from personal experience, Those customers who venture into the store in the early evening (or indeed at anytime post-opening) may be offered a glass of something sparkling, whether it be champagne or one of it’s european cousins.

Why all fuss and why is it better for you I hear you ask? Here’s a little champagne “101” for you:

Sugar is routinely added to champagne during its ageing process to balance the acidity, reduce oxidation and tone the flavour profile – consider it the seasoning of a wine if you will. Not adding sugar makes it more complex to manage and more prone to variability. You could argue that a “zero dosage” champagne is more pure and as nature intended.

We were thrilled when Amanda asked us to host the launch party for her boisson-du-jour. We like to think that it was the synergies between our brands (bespoke, boutique and never mainstream) that drew us together but maybe it was just the love of the bubble.

For more information, visit their website, In the interim, peruse the photos of the event.