Charles Burnand London

Lindsey Adelman

The internet is a wonderful place. It has literally brought the whole world to your doorstep. Why do you need to pop on a plane any more to go and get inspiration when a few clicks and it comes to you. One of the downsides though is the “2D” flatness of the internet  – we are just getting into the whole 3-D TV thing (doesn’t work when you wear glasses though) and “smellyvision” is probably on the way in a few decades time, but you still can’t substitute touch and feel through a 27 inch screen, no matter how glossy it is. You  also can’t justify the cost of getting on that plane (private or not) to do the touchy feely thing you really crave.

How wonderful would it be therefore if your craving came to you ? This is exactly what happened at “the event” of London Design Festival – the one-night-only installation of Lindsey Adelman’s bespoke lighting pieces at the soon-to-be studio of glamorous interior designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell.  Of the three must attend party’s during London Design Festival this had to be the most coveted invite….and boy the event did not disappoint.

Lindsey has an exacting eye and unwavering attention to detail which we at Charles Burnand drool over. Her use of glass and metal, textures and sculpture to create innovative lighting masterpieces is unparalleled. What are we waiting for I hear you ask? A client to commission a piece would be a great starting point!

Not only were we blessed with her stunning pieces, but the doyenne of illumination was there in person. Behaving like a teenagers meeting their pop idol we introduced ourselves and chatted until she was whisked away for yet another interview. Fortunately her Studio Director, Barrett Hanrahan was on hand to bring our collective pulses down with more champagne.

Breaching what I am sure are numerous copyright laws, we have “borrowed” a few images from her website. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!