Charles Burnand London

Hello (sir), can you hear me?

Public relations. Just keep saying it and see how strange it sounds.  Does it really describe what it does – relations in public? Is that legal?

All businesses exist because they are provide something that someone else wants – the basic market economics of supply and demand. Getting customers is therefore the key and why the sphere of public relations was borne – its raison d’être to link the supplier to the potential customer. And how it has evolved. These days you can do your own PR, as demonstrated by a “www” prefix to a seriesoflettersjoinedtogetherusuallyacompanysname. who needs someone to publicise you when you can do it yourself?

Along with the rise of this PR sphere and the internet, the human species continues is evolutionary adaption to its surrounds by developing its blocking mechanisms. How well we are now at tuning out from the noise of marketing.

How cautious we at Charles Burnand, therefore are when deciding on what to put out in the big wide world. Over promise and under deliver? That’s just not the Charles Burnand way. Cautious also when deciding what sort of publicity to do. From a very basic financial level, if there is no return on investment then it makes no business sense to do. Having employed the services of a PR agency before which yielded no benefit we were going to tread carefully in deciding who to choose, if anyone at all.

Through an actors-agent-to-pilates-class-to-fashion-store-colleague “three degrees of separation” chain, we were introduced to Wiles and Thorne – a humble duo with a little black book of the most enviable contacts known to the PR world. It’s not only the names on the secret pages (these days you are two google clicks away from finding the names and email addresses of any editor you wish) but the relationships they have with them. In simple terms, it is the old-fashioned art of public relations – the personal touch which in disappearing rapidly from every industry. An obvious choice therefore for Charles Burnand.

The last six months have be a whirlwind of activity, meticulously choreographed by Andrew and Sue. Two press days, numbers interviews and visits.

You can see the fruits of their labour on our press page. Not only have they secured numerous product placements and editorials, there may be another special surprise coming up later in the year. Oh, and that’s after we take one of our new best editorial friends on a buying trip to Italy. Bellissimo!!