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Hot on the Heal’s

Have you ever noticed how similar companies group themselves together; how streets (in London) or areas (in the rest of the country) seem to get a reputation for a particular thing? A “design” district, IT ally, food junction………. you get the drift. Why would you open up a shop next door to your competition? It may seem illogical at first glance, but just spend a few moments immersed in the mind of the customer. Unless you know precisely what you want, you need some choice; why then would you traipse all across a city to see all this choice? Hence, your renewed logic tells you, it makes sense for one company to open up near its competitor.

At Charles Burnand, we like to think that we have created Crawford Street, W1 as the new destination for home interiors. Since opening the store, no less than three complementary business have moved in. May be a few more on the horizon? who knows.

It would be extrapolating to the extreme to assume that our “trend setting” would stretch all the way to Westbourne Grove (forgetting for a small moment the fact that this area has been long established as a west-London design destination). Let’s indulge ourselves temporarily and say that the new Heals specialist lighting showroom opened this year as a result of Charles Burnand being a mere hop/skip/jump down the road.

The stalwart of Tottenham Court Road is going through a resurgence, part of which is the opening of a store dedicated to the best illumination money can buy. Spearheaded by Heals Creative Director Carmel Allen, this new concept promises to become another Mecca for this long-standing group.

It is therefore a real honour, to be invited to have our Sputnik Chandelier displayed in their corner window. If you are strolling down Queensway on a balmy summers evening (not many this year!) you will see the gentle glow of the murano glass lamp shades  in the corner of the store beckoning you closer. Surprisingly light, this custom-made piece sprouts 32 balled-spikes and 30 lamp spokes from the brass central orb, all supported from a metre-long ceiling mount.

Thank you Carmel and Melissa for making it happen!

Heals Westbourne Grove