Charles Burnand London

Jallu Ebénistes

Global scouring is exceptionally rewarding when you come across something unique. It certainly makes up for the fruitless trips to “hidden gem” antique markets (no better than a hospital car boot sale on a cold and dank Sunday morning) dotted throughout Europe.

We, at Charles Burnand, therefore set ourselves a very modest target of coming away from any trip with only one potential contact. We also need to be patient. Initial contacts may not appear, at first glance, to be of any relevance but nurturing these embryonic flirtings can be fruitful in the long run.


One such example is Jallu Ebénistes, creators of museum quality furniture and the French masters of straw marquetry. Nothing unusual about our first contact – we met their representatives at ICFF NYC (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in 2013. Of all the brands that were being represented, there was something that stood out. Maybe it was the fact that, despite being in the U.S. where the notion of International doesn’t have the same meaning as the rest of the world (think of the World Series for example – how many overseas teams?), this one company is based no more than 300 miles away from us. May be it was a Gallic link with our Burnand forebears? Who knows – but we were hooked.

A little over two years later and we are proud to be the exclusive Global Retail Partner for this exquisite, unique and highly talented company, launching at Decorex International in September 2015.

Below is a small selection of their products, some of which will be on display at Decorex.